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In Spokane, Washington Crime Victims Compensation Act (RCW 7.68) is designed to compensate persons injured as a result of criminal acts. “Criminal act” means an act committed or attempted in this state which is punishable as a felony or gross misdemeanor, except injury or death caused by a driver of a motor vehicle in violation of the state DUI laws. “Victim” means a person who suffers bodily injury or death as a proximate result of a criminal act of another person, the victim’s own good faith and reasonable effort to prevent a criminal act, or his good faith effort to apprehend a person reasonably suspected of engaging in a criminal act.


Victims of Domestic Violence in Spokane, Washington may also be eligible for Criminal Victims Compensation.


As for benefits, “Victim” is interchangeable with “employee” or “workman.” As such, benefits are administered by the Department of Labor and Industries in much the same manner as persons injured on the job. Medical expenses, wage loss, and disability benefits are available to victims of crime. Although some limitations exist for disability, treatment expenses and wage loss are virtually identical. This can include psychological counseling, as well.


Private insurance may not be available to victims of “intentional acts” and virtually never pays for wage loss or disability. Having an alternative resource for criminal victims may reduce the chances of a person being victimized twice.


If you are a crime victim or a victim of domestic violence in Spokane, Washington and are in need of assistance from a crime victim lawyer or attorney call Bruce Kaiser today.


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