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dog bite photo Do you need a Spokane dog bite lawyer or attorney?

Dog bites occur in a variety of ways. The law in the state of Washington is that the owner of the dog is strictly liable for any attacks or bites that occur. Insurance companies are very skilled in suggesting that the person bitten had somehow provoked the attack or should have known of the dangerous propensity of the dog.


It is important to contact an attorney to discuss how and why the attack occurred. Dog bite victims are entitled to compensation for any necessary surgery, be it cosmetic, now or in the future. In the case of cosmetic surgery, even though the surgery is not anticipated, a person is still entitled to compensation for the cost of that surgery. It is therefore important to have a plastic surgeon evaluate the scarring and provide an estimate of the cost of repair.


In dog bite cases, it is important to identify the dog so that you may later give an accurate description. Generally speaking, homeowner’s insurance covers dog bite cases, unless there is a specific exclusion. Determining whether a dog has a vicious propensity, the humane society keeps records on such dogs, and often times service people, such as mailmen and UPS drivers, may be able to provide information as to the propensity of the dog in question.

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