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neck injuryLooking for a Spokane neck and back injury lawyer or attorney to assist you? As Spokane Washington's best neck and back injury lawyer, Bruce Kaiser understands how a sever back or neck injury can change your life.

Neck and back injuries are the most common injuries facing Americans. The diagnosis and prognosis of neck and back injuries are sometimes difficult to access. However, the pain and suffering that the injured person experiences is real to them.


Often times, neck and back injuries go undiagnosed, and doctors who are frustrated in explaining why the person has problems, sometimes blame the individual by suggesting that the person has a mental problem as opposed to a physiological problem. It is important to maintain a good working relationship with your treating physician and any doctors or other health care providers to which you may be referred. Many doctors feel that injured persons should not be reasonably compensated.


Many doctors feel that the system as it exists in America is broken, and that there should be limits and caps on injury claims. As a result, many doctors are uncomfortable working with insurance companies and attorneys in obtaining reasonable personal injury settlements for their patients. When injured due to the negligence of another, it is important to confront the doctor as to his willingness to fill out the necessary paperwork and reports in order to objectively document the credibility of the claim and injuries. Neck and back injuries do not get better on their own. They require treatment and documentation of that treatment. If your doctor is not willing to undertake the sometimes time consuming commitments, then a referral to another physician may be necessary. Know your doctor. You can bet that your insurance company knows him/her.


Call Bruce Kaiser today if you need the assistance from Spokane Washington's most accomplished neck and back injury lawyer.


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