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Anyone involved in a slip and fall must be extremely cautious in talking with an insurance adjuster. Many times the person who slipped does not remember or does not know why they fell. As with any injury claim, it is important to describe why the premises where the slip and fall occurred was not properly maintained or supervised. The adjuster for the insurance company will inquire as to what, if anything, the property owner did wrong.


If the injured party responds that he/she is not sure or does not know why the property owner is responsible, the claim will be immediately denied. Insurance policies only provide coverage where the property owner was negligent.


The law identifies three classifications of people who go onto the property of another. The first identification is that of an invitee. This covers people who go onto property that is open to the public. The second classification of persons is social guests. These are people who go onto our premises, homes, or secondary homes with permission. The third category of people are simply trespassers.


In most parts, trespassers have no rights and are not covered under most insurance policies. Slip and falls on commercial properties are extremely difficult cases because the property is open to the public and because of the number of people that can come onto that property.


Insurance companies fight tooth and nail in denying these claims. I cannot stress enough the importance of providing a statement to an insurance adjuster that identifies the reason why the property owner is responsible for the injuries and damages, as opposed to simply saying “I don’t know what happened.” Falling on someone else’s property is not sufficient to provide coverage.


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